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A Jaret Update! Another free song! This one isn't even on the album! Last call for shirts and posters!

This song turned out so good! But it didn't seem to fit the album. The only way you'll get it is by pre-ordering the album. Pre-order release day is March 18! Public release is March 22nd! Can you tell we're excited?!?!?!?!?!?! ;)


Jaret & Kelly - Here We Go (Official Lyric Video)

Here's the 1st video for the 1st single off Jaret and Kelly's NEW ALBUM Sittin In A Tree! Can't wait for you to hear the rest!


A Kelly Update! New Lyric Video, Mixes, Wrapping UP Production!

We are nearing the end of the recording, mixing and mastering process and have picked your 1st 2 singles off Sittin' in A Tree guys!


Kelly's Doin Alright and WE MADE A THEME SONG!

Kelly is back in action after a bumpy December with some awesome news! We wrote and recorded the theme song for the awesome spinoff of The Goldbergs called Schooled. Watch it on ABC Wednesdays at 8:30! 


 Some sad news... but we're still making album progress.

Kelly's dad passed away right before Christmas, she was able to play our new song "Daddy's Girl" for him and say goodbye but may need a little time. The song is very special to both of us... for me about my daughter and for Kelly about her dad.
Anyone who preorders our new album gets an acoustic version of the song now.


Update Number 1!!!

Well, it was a 2am in TX, post trivia night at the pub for Jaret and 1am celebratory Skype in bed in FL for Kelly. We just HAD to check in with each other and wanted to thank you guys for believing in this album! Like we said, it's full DIY so every one (almost 275 last night) of you count. A LOT!
If you didn't download "Here We Go!" yet go do it! It's a Jaret and Kelly original! NOT the BFS Scooby Doo Song! ;)
We will email out these updates and post them for the World to see on the socials. Share away!
With lots of love and thanks to everyone coming along on this adventure with us!